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NT 944s-iHX Industrial Motherboard NT 944s-iHX Industrial Board
Download Specifications (25KB)PDF document
Intel® Pentium® MMX™ processor to 266 MHz, AMD® to 300 MHz and higher
4 SIMM slots for memory expansion up to 512MB
1-bit ECC with EDO memory, parity checking
Award BIOS
Tantalum Capacitors used throughout


The NT 944s-iHX is designed for 19" rackmount industrial applications.with the added features of an Adaptec® Ultra Wide SCSI controller, watchdog timer, and PC 104 expansion.

Added performance is achieved using Intel's HX chipset on the NT 944s-iHX through its parity checking and error correcting memory capabilities, thus providing exceptional reliabity and speed never before seen in the Pentium® class.

Decoupling of electrical noise is achieved using many Tantalum capacitors. Nothing beats the NT 944s-iHX for reliability and speed in the Pentium® class.

The Niagara NT944s-iHX and Intel® CPU's are guaranteed to be available for the next 7 years.

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