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Pentium® 4

Pentium® II / III



NEWNetwork PC
I/O Cards

NEWNT PCI4USB - Quad (4) USB port adapter card

NEWNT PCI2COM-LP Low Profile - Dual Serial port PCI expansion card

NEWNT PCI2COM 1LPT - Dual Serial and One Printer port PCI expansion card

NEWNT PCI4COM - Quad PCI Serial port expansion card

NT PCI2COM - Dual PCI Serial port expansion card

NT PCI1LPT - Single PCI Parallel expansion card

NT PCI2USB - Dual USB adapter card

NT ISA1LPT - Single Parallel expansion card

NT ISA2COM - Dual Serial expansion card


NT 203 AGPi740 - Graphics Card based on the Intel740™ chip, with 8MB memory, and using AGP 2x slot

NT 102 - PCI video card - Alliance AT24 chipset, 2MB memory

NT M100 - MPEG-1 Audio / Video Accelerator, frees up valuable CPU power
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