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NEWNT928 BS100: Pentium® II/III, Intel® 440BX, Dual Channel SCSI Adaptec® 7895, AGP Port, ATX, 66/100 MHz bus

NEWNT928 P2BXD: Pentium® II/III, Intel® 440BX, IDE, AGP Port, 66/100 MHz bus, jumperless CPU selection, ATX, onboard (port 80)debugging sensor

NT 928 LD1: Non-SCSI, IDE, AGP Port, ATX

NT 928 SLX1: w/ Adaptec® 7880, AGP (2940UW) Raidbus, ATX

NT 928 SLX2:w/ Dual channel Adaptec® (3940UW) Raidbus, ATX


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