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NT 928 BS100 Pentium II/III SCSI Motherboard

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Intel Pentium® II, Pentium® III, and Celeron® Processors
233-333 MHz on 66 MHz bus /
350-600 MHz on 100 MHz bus

Supports Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)
4 DIMM slots for memory expansion up to 1GB
4 PCI slots, 3 ISA slots, 1 AGP slot
2 Channel Ultra DMA 33 interface for fast hard drives
Adaptec® AIC 7895 Dual Channel Ultra Wide SCSI-3


The Niagara NT928 BS100 uses Intel's modern 440BX AGP chip-set, providing 4 PCI bus mastering slots for 32-bit expansion cards and supporting the new Pentium® III CPU from Intel®. Its cool running circuit design, with proper decoupling and termination, is augmented by fan controls, aiding in longterm reliability and performance.

For extra speed and reliability, the NT928 BS100 utilizes a Dual Channel Fast Ultra Wide SCSI-3 Adaptec® AIC 7895 controller, (equivalent to the AHA-3940UW) allowing up to 30 SCSI devices to be connected, and transfers data at a rate of 80 MB/sec.

The NT928 BS100 is very reliable and easy to set up, with a very simple CPU speed configuration and automatic voltage selection using only 2 jumpers. This board is designed for flexibility using built-in controllers for easy system expansion.


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  • BS100 specification sheet: (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)
    Download and viewPDF document
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