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NT 928 P2BXD Pentium II/III Motherboard

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Intel Pentium® II, Pentium® III, and Celeron® Processors
233-333 MHz on 66 MHz bus /
350-850 MHz on 100 MHz bus
Supports Accelerated Graphics Port
DIMM slots for memory expansion up to 512MB
5 PCI slots, 2 ISA slots, 1 AGP slots
2 Channel Ultra DMA 33 interface

On-board Port 80 debugging sensor
Fan, Temperature and Voltage Monitoring System


The Niagara NT928 P2BXD uses Intel's modern 440BX AGP chip-set, providing five PCI bus mastering slots for 32-bit expansion cards and supporting the new Pentium® III CPU from Intel®. A cool running circuit design with proper decoupling and termination is augmented by heat sensors and fan controls, aiding in longterm reliability and performance.

The 928 P2BXD is very reliable and easy to set up, with a jumperless CPU speed configuration and automatic voltage selection. This board is designed for flexibility using built-in controllers for easy system expansion.

A specially designed, on-board, debugging sensor gives the user the ability to isolate problems with ease. The debugging sensor works like a Port 80 card, helping system engineers or end users test for problem peripherals.


feature sheet.pdf PDF document(37KB)

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