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NT M100 MPEG-1 Audio/Video Accelerator

Picture - NT M100

The M100 is designed to provide high performance MPEG-1 TV-like video and CD quality audio at a low cost. The M100 delivers enough MPEG acceleration to produce full CD quality audio and full 30 frames-per-second (fps) motion video while maintaining low CPU utilization. The M100 Accelerator also provides acceleration to Microsoft's ActiveMovie API and is a Windows Plug-and-Play PCI bus mastering device that can be used in conjunction with any third party 2D/3D graphics accelerator and sound card.


MPEG-1 Video/Audio Accelerator

Fully compliant with ISO-11172 standards
Audio/video synchronization using on-chip hardware
Sophisticated error detection and concealment for audio and video
Multiple audio and video stream decode support
High resolution still image decode for VideoCDTM 2.0 standard
using only 1/2 Mbyte of memory
Support for all video modes including: slow motion, fast forward,
fast backward, freeze, seek, random access, single step and skip

Software Driver Support (MX501 Software Pak)

Windows95TM and Windows NTTM operating systems
Microsoft ActiveMovie API
VideoCD, CD-KaraokeTM and CD-I formats
VideoCD 2.0 Remote application

VideoCD Remote Application

Basic control for start, stop and pause
Motion control for rewind, skip forward and back
Audio control for volume adjustments
CD drive control for close and eject
Display interface for playing options
Numeric interface for video selection
Video window size selection up to full screen
VideoCD, CD-Karaoke and MPEG-1 formats automatically
VideoCD 2.0 "interactive" compatible

Support For VideoCD 2.0 Features

High resolution still images
Close caption
Slide show
Interactive Screen Menu Select


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